Bijan Air, Inc.

Helicopter and Airplane Maintenance

Providing valuable aviation servicesto the helicopter community since 1988

04. Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Since August of 1988, Bijan Air has maintained numerous aircraft from different manufacturers, fixed wing and rotorcraft.

Helicopter and Airplane Maintenance

Helicopter and Airplane Maintenance

Our Expertise

Since August of 1988, Bijan Air has maintained numerous helicopters from different manufacturers, including R-22's , R-44's, Bell 206, MD500, AS350's, Agusta 109, Schweizer 300, 300CB, 333.

With over 34 years combined of helicopter maintenance experience, the technicians at Bijan Air are factory trained for Robinson helicopters, McDonnell Douglass helicopters, American Eurocopters, Agusta helicopters, Schweizer helicopters, Rolls-Royce engines, Turbomeca engines and more. We've completed many 100 hrs, annuals, T inspections, and numerous unscheduled maintenances.

One of the biggest assets of this company is the comprehensiveness of maintenance procedures. Nothing leaves our hangar until the helicopter is test flown before and after maintenance, proper maintenance is completed, all paperwork is finished, and all AD & SB research and compliance is completed. We are extremely proud of our record of maintaining many hundreds of helicopters for various clients with zero accidents or returns due to faulty maintenance.