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Helicopter Sales from Bijan Air, Inc.

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Helicopter Sales from Bijan Air, Inc.

Helicopter Sales from Bijan Air, Inc.

All helicopters sold through Bijan Air, Inc. must first meet our high standards for maintenance and quality which we developed over 34 years in the business. We have an impeccable safety record maintained by requiring that each helicopter we sell pass our thorough safety checks and inspections.

Certified since 2000 as the Authorized Sales and Service Center for the states of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, we offer the full line of Schweizer Helicopters as well as a range of quality used helicopters from manufacturers such as Sikorsky and Bell.

You can purchase your new or used Schweizer helicopter directly from Bijan Air with confidence that you have selected a safe, and user-friendly helicopter with great factory product support.

Begin by seeing our helicopter inventory, learning about new helicopter models or contacting us about new or used helicopters.